B(ios)log is my movie weblog. A movie theater is called ‘Bioscoop’ or ‘Bios’ for short in the Netherlands. Combine Bios and Blog and you get B(ios)log.

A few years ago, when I started to visit the movies more often, I needed a medium to show my friends which movies I wanted to see. The choice which movie to go to would be easier, I hoped. A few links to some movie review-sites would be nice too. So, there was my first use of the blog medium. Since then I also started to use it for showing my latest photo’s. End of 2009 I separated postings and now I have a separate Movie-, Photography- and Soaringweblog.

Be aware that all other pages of this B(ios)log will be in Dutch…

…and that the posters are copyrighted by there respective production studio and/or distributor.

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